Thousands of colorful Crocs were spotted on the road after a distribution in Thuong Xuan, one of the extremely poor mountainous regions of Thanh Hoa province in North Vietnam. More than 83 thousand people live in around 120 villages, 63% of those are living below the poverty level estimated to be $13/ month.  They cannot afford a pair of shoes let alone have the resources to find them. There are no means of transportation in these rough areas of terrain except for on foot. Because of organization like Brothers Brother Foundation and World Vision these families are able to own a new pair of shoes.

“Shoes were donated to the children at one of the primary schools, Luan Khe, and were made part of the school uniform. They made the walk to and from school much more comfortable and the donations contributed to bringing drop-outs back to school.”    - (World Vision Singapore)

“I used to walk without slippers and felt OK with this, though my feet were occasionally cut by rocks or thorns. However, after two months using the sandals I see that it is much more safe and clean to wear them”. -(Vi Thi Hang, Chieng Commune)

many children cannot

go to school without the basic necessity such as a pair of shoes.

in ethiopia, one million people

suffer from a disease caused by walking barefoot in volcanic soil [...] (

millions of people

around the world cannot afford basic necessities such as a pair of shoes.

more than 300 million people

live on less than $1 a day (””).

2.6 billion people

in the world lack basic sanitation (””).

some 1.1 billion people

in developing countries have inadequate access to water (””).

nearly a billion people

entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names (””).

over 1.4 billion people

globally live on less than $1.25 per day (””).

35.9 million people

live below the poverty line in America, including 12.9 million children (””).

1.7 billion people

live in poverty globally (””).